4GEE Wifi

Stay connected wherever you are



Loads of free data every month for a year

This Christmas, we'll give you 500MB of free data every month for a whole year when you buy a 4GEE WiFi device on a selected pay as you go plan.

Choose from the powerful Osprey 2 or the convenient Osprey 2 Mini. Instant, secure WiFi wherever you are. Just turn on your 4GEE WiFi and you're surrounded by your own travelling bubble of internet.

Whoever you're buying for, with loads of free data every month, you know your gift won’t just be for Christmas. Terms and conditions apply*.

Take your WiFi with you

Our great value 4GEE WiFi range gives you access to the UK’s biggest 3G and 4G network whenever you want.

No need to find a WiFi hotspot or wait till you’re home. Turn on your 4GEE WiFi and create your own travelling bubble of internet. Whether you’re walking in the park or keeping your kids entertained in the car, you can connect to up to 10 devices all at the same time.

No more 'are we there yet?'

Car WiFi on the UK’s no.1 network. It’s a game changer.

Online games, watching films, streaming music... Car WiFi is the easy way to fill up your car with internet and keep everyone in the backseat entertained. Making long trips in the car a lot more fun for everyone.

What’s more, your Car WiFi device also doubles up as a USB charger. So even if you’re stuck in a horrible jam you can charge your tablet or phone and keep the entertainment flowing.



If you want to keep online on the go, here’s the perfect way to do it: add a 4GEE WiFi and Car WiFi for only £12 a month, saving you a whopping £192. Two great devices, one great price.

Recommended offers

Osprey 2 from EE

Comes with a huge 15GB data on a 24 month plan.

Just £20 a month on 4GEE Extra.
No upfront cost.


Get 1GB data on a 30 day plan.

For just £10 a month.

Free data SIM

Start enjoying the benefits of 4GEE WiFi now.

Order your free SIM today.


Pay monthly 4GEE Extra plans give you plenty to shout about.

  • Huge data allowances such as 15GB for £20 a month.
  • Free data in the EU. 100MB each month, which is enough for 200 Facebook updates or four hours of web surfing.
  • Double speed 4GEE. You’ll fly through pages, browsing twice as fast.

Get online when you're out and about

Making things easier

With 4GEE WiFi, you have internet wherever you are - no more messing about with WiFi hotspots or waiting until you're home to get online.

No more tethering worries

Use a 4GEE WiFi device so you don't drain your phone battery or lose your connection when someone calls.

Fastest mobile broadband

We've won the Fastest Mobile Broadband prize in the uSwitch Awards 2015. That's the second year in a row we've won.

Total control

You'll never get an unexpected bill for your data. If you run out, you'll need to buy a data add-on to carry on browsing - in the UK and abroad.

The legal bit

Prices until February 2015. Prices £10 and £20 per month.
Prices from March 2015 to February 2016. £10 and £20 per month plus annual RPI adjustments = Price A.
Price from March 2016 to February 2017 Price A per month plus annual RPI adjustment.

Mobile broadband terms and conditions >

* 500 MB data offer: Full terms and conditions >