Connected devices

Devices which help you stay connected, wherever you are

4GEE tablets

Want to do all the things you enjoy doing at home when you’re out and about?

With a tablet from EE, you’ll be able to stream TV, films & music and browse the web on the go.

So whether you're looking for a gift for someone else or something to take the edge off your daily commute, we've got a tablet for you.


Now there’s no need to fiddle about with WiFi hotspots or wait till you get home to go online.

With 4GEE WiFi you can connect your laptop or tablet instantly to the UK’s biggest 3G and 4G network whenever you want.

And you'll enjoy total control of what you’re spending thanks to quick and simple data add-ons that mean no unexpected data bills, even abroad.

Car WiFi

Our new 4GEE WiFi designed for the car gives internet access to everyone you’re travelling with, letting you keep your eyes on the road rather than worrying about keeping the kids in the back entertained.

It allows everyone to check their newsfeeds, stream music, play online games and watch films or TV programmes – making car journeys much more fun for everyone. What’s more, it also doubles up as a charger for the rest of the kit in your car.

4GEE Cameras

With our range of new 4G-enabled connected cameras, there's no more "I'll share it later".

Now you can share the exciting moments in life as they happen, instead of waiting to upload them later. Whether that’s an epic downhill bike ride with our Action Cam or all the best bits of your holiday with our Capture Cam.

It’s the next level in camera technology, brought to you by EE.