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4GEE Capture Cam

If you like sharing all the fun moments in life with friends and family, the light and wearable 4GEE Capture Cam will take that sharing to a whole new level – by letting you share them as they happen.

It’s so small and light you can clip it onto your bag or jacket and you’ll hardly notice it’s there.

And it’s easy to use too. No complex settings or fiddly controls – just one quick click and you’re streaming life’s best bits straight to the simple new video sharing app skeegle, where you can invite all your friends and family to watch at the same time.

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The 4GEE Capture Cam is all about the everyday impromptu films that are made to be shared.

The tiny HD camera simply clips on, shoots and live streams. Perfect for life logging enthusiasts, YouTube heroes and those who never want to miss a moment.

Watch the video to see the 4GEE Capture Cam in action.

Understated design

Small and lightweight, the 4GEE Capture Cam is the ideal wearable device to stream and capture life as it happens. Designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, it makes everyday moments instantly shareable.

  • Dimensions: 55 H x 55 W x 19.0 mm for body
  • Weight: 90g

Everyday in full HD

The 4GEE Capture Cam shoots full HD video and takes high quality stills. So no matter what you’re doing, you can feel safe in the knowledge that you’re catching it all in crystal clear quality.

  • 1080P High definition video recording at 30fps
  • 8MP High quality 8 megapixel still camera

Apps control the moment

Take control of your 4GEE Capture Cam with its companion apps.

The 4GEE Capture Cam app (compatible with your capture cam) is a remote control for your camera and lets you do anything from timelapse videos to photo burst stills.

Skeegle, the video sharing app is where you create the groups you wish to stream to from your camera.

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