Travelling abroad


To check if your phone's set up to use abroad text ROAMING to 150 now

Use your phone abroad just like you do at home for a fixed price per day with Travel Data Pass or Euro Pass

Travel Data Pass: The data you need in the destinations you love

Choose Travel Data Pass and use your phone abroad in our most popular destinations just like you do at home. It gives you a massive 500MB of data for a fixed price per day - £3 in our Europe Zone, £4 in the USA & Canada, and £5 in nine other countries.

Euro Pass: Calls, texts and data in Europe

Euro Pass gives you unlimited calls and texts, plus a massive 500MB of data, all for a fixed price of £4 per day in our Europe Zone. Ideal if you are on a Regular or Essentials plan.

£1 Euro Data Pass

If you're on an EE Regular Plan, an Extra Plan, a 4GEE Essential Plan or a Sharer Plan, our £1 Euro Data Pass gives you 50MB of data for £1 a day. 

There's no chance of an unexpected bill when you get home. You'll only be charged on days you use data on your phone in our Europe Zone.

Text EURO to 150 and you’re all set up.

Explore our roaming add-ons and plans

Visiting Spain, France or Italy?

Get unlimited minutes and texts, plus 500MB of data all for a fixed fee of £4 a day. Text EUROPASS to 150 before you go. Or if you just want data, choose Travel Data Pass for £3 a day.

Jetting to the USA?

Get Travel Data Pass for a fixed £4 a day for a massive 500MB a day whilst you’re there. Or buy a roaming minutes and texts add-on before you go.

On an Extra plan?

Choose Travel Data Pass to get 500MB of data for a fixed price per day - £3 in our Europe Zone, £4 in America & Canada, and £5 in 9 other countries. Text TRAVEL to 150 before you go.

See our standard data add-ons

If our Euro Pass or Travel Data Pass aren’t what you’re after, our standard roaming data add-ons let you access the internet abroad and stay in control of what you spend.

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