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£9.99 100mb 500 500
£11.99 250mb 1,000 500
£13.99 500mb 1,000 Unlimited
£16.99 1gb 1,000 Unlimited
£19.99 2gb 2,000 Unlimited
£22.99 4gb Unlimited Unlimited

Grab a free 4GEE pay as you go SIM from EE

Switch your phone onto the nation’s biggest and fastest overall network with a free 4GEE pay as you go SIM from EE.

Plus, get £80 worth of minutes, texts and data every time you top up £10 on superfast 4GEE.

The legal bit

Limited 4G coverage: see 4G speeds depend on location and number of users. Fastest overall network: Mobile only. Based on RootMetrics® RootScore® Reports on data speeds as an average across 3G and 4G in 16 UK large urban zones, Jan-Dec 2013. Your experience may vary. For more information, visit Biggest network: Mobile only. See for details.