Order a free SIM with a great value pay as you go pack

Our full range of packs

Our new pay as you go packs give you the minutes, texts and data that you want, without putting a big dent in your wallet. Packs last for 30 days and are bought using your credit. As soon as this time is up, a new one will start.

We’ve chosen our 3 most popular packs for you to order as a free SIM, but if one of our other packs takes your fancy, it’s easy to do this when your SIM arrives.

  • Everything Packs
  • Talk and Text Packs
  • Data Pack

Everything Packs

If you use your phone all the time to catch up with friends and family for a chat, for emails or for sharing photos on Facebook, these packs will give you big allowances of minutes, texts and data at a great price.
Pack cost Minutes Data Texts Every
30 days
30 days
30 days

Talk and Text Packs

If you want loads of minutes and texts, these packs are for you.
Pack cost Minutes Texts Every
30 days
30 days

Data Pack

Choose our Data Pack if you use your phone to do everything online especially when it comes to staying in touch with your mates. You get a big data allowance at a low, low price, and you won’t find 4G for less anywhere else in the UK.
Pack cost Data Minutes Texts Every
30 days


Each time you’ve bought three 30-day packs you can add more data, minutes or texts to all your future packs for free!

And, the longer you stay the better it gets, as you’ll get an additional data boost EVERY 3 months. Continue to buy this pack every month and you can add 500MB to your data allowance for FREE!

Which means 1GB after 3 months, 1.5GB after 6 months, 2GB after 9 months and so on, just by opting in.


Each time you’ve bought three 30-day packs you can add more data, minutes or texts to all your future packs for free!

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Move to EE pay as you go from Orange or T-Mobile

If you're on T-Mobile or Orange pay as you go, you could get much more from your top-up by moving to EE pay as you go.

It’s really quick and easy to move over - you can keep your existing number, phone and any remaining credit when you move, while still enjoying the UK's number 1 network.

Pay as you go packs from EE

If you’re looking for everything you need to know about our pay as you go packs, you’re in the right place.

From how they work and selecting the right pack for you, to managing your pack and allowances, we've got it covered in this nifty little video.

What else you’ll get with EE pay as you go

The longer you stay, the better it gets

Get your pack each week or month and every three months, you can add more minutes, texts or data at no extra cost.

Go seamlessly from pack to pack

We'll add a new pack automatically every 7 or 30 days and take the cost of the pack from your credit - just remember to top up.

Join the UK’s biggest network

It doesn't matter which phone you've got. You'll still get all the benefits of joining the UK's biggest 3G network.

Get superfast 4GEE

If you've got a 4G phone, there's no extra cost for using superfast 4GEE. And our £15 and £25 Everything Packs come with double speed 4GEE.**


Make the most of your pay as you go freedom

Get boosts

Every three months, you can add extra minutes, texts or data to your pack at no extra cost. Find out how in our Help pages.

The legal bit

** Double speed: limited roll out and select areas only, check your coverage at ee/ Based on EE test data 2014 (average speeds doubled from 12-15Mbps to 24-30Mbps) and doubling 4G network capacity from 2 x 10MHz to 2x 20MHz. Speeds referred to are download speeds.