Switch your phone onto the nation’s biggest and fastest* overall network with a free 4GEE pay as you go SIM from EE.

Just fill in the form and we'll pop your free SIMs in the post, along with tips on how to make your money go further with our great data, minutes and texts add-ons.

You'll receive your free SIM(s) in about two working days, along with instructions to get you started.

If you want to use your SIM straight away, just buy one with some credit preloaded and it'll arrive topped up and ready to go.

Need more free SIM cards? Just email Free.SIMs@ee.co.uk. Please note this email address is only for requesting large SIM cards orders.

Get 10GB of 4GEE data free on pay as you go

Get hold of one our £15 pre-loaded SIM cards and start feasting on 10GB of free data with pay as you go from EE. Enjoy downloading music, streaming films and online gaming? With 10GB you can do the lot.

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More great stuff you get with 4GEE pay as you go

EE Film

Download without the mobile data costs, and get 2 for 1 cinema tickets every Wednesday.

WiFi on the Underground

Stay connected on the London Underground for no extra cost with WiFi provided by Virgin Media.

Save on broadband

Save £5 a month on superfast home broadband when you take 4GEE on pay as you go.


The legal bit

10 GB free data

Join 4GEE PAYG to get 10GB of mobile internet for free. Offer available online subject to availability and while stocks last. All 4GEE Pay as you go SIM cards will come with an initial 50MB to get you started. Once you have used this data, your 10GB free data allowance will need to be activated to redeem this offer. You’ll then need to use this 10GB within 90 days of activating it, or lose it. To continue to use mobile internet once you’ve used up your free allowance, you will need to buy a new data add-on. UK only.

* This is an example of  the combination of texts and minutes you can get with your top up credit. Create your own combination of data, minutes and texts with our great value add-ons.