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Google Pixel 4

Google Nest Hub Max

Google Nest Mini

Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL

Google Pixel 4

Night Sight for detail-packed low-light photos
The first ever phone with Motion Sense – control phone features hands-free
Fast face unlocking – access your phone almost instantly from nearly any angle

Google Nest Hub Max

Enjoy peace of mind – the built-in Nest Cam lets you keep an eye on your house while you’re out
View photos, browse the web, chat to loved ones or watch videos on the 10-inch HD touchscreen
Manage compatible smart home devices such as thermostats and lights from the dashboard or with your voice

Google Nest Mini

2x more bass than the original Mini (measured from 60-100 Hz at max volume)
Just say “Hey Google” to play your favourite music, get weather forecasts and news updates, or almost anything
Compatible with hundreds of smart devices such as lights, thermostats and TVs

Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL

Extraordinary camera with Night Sight
Unlimited online storage space with Google Photos
Helpful Google Assistant built in
Google Pixel 4

Make a statement with the new Google Pixel 4

Capture studio-quality photos even at night thanks to its low-light capabilities, power your life with the help of Google Assistant and a battery that lasts up to 24 hours.


Night Sight

Pixel 4’s camera capabilities are out of this world. Literally. With Night Sight onboard, you can shoot low-light images that are free from blur and packed with detail. It can even take astronomical photos of the night sky.

Motion Sense

Pixel 4 is the first ever phone with Motion Sense, so now you can skip tracks, snooze alarms and  flip through photos without even touching it. Great for when you’re exercising, cooking or tucking into tea.

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Capture brilliant colours and detailed night shots that are out of this world.

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Motion Sense will transform the way you use your phone.

3 features that make Pixel 4 even more helpful

Improved Google Assistant and new features make Pixel 4 more helpful.

Google Home Max

The Google Home Max features dual woofers and tweeters for powerful music you can control with your voice. Plus, you can ask it for the latest news updates, weather forecasts and to control your smart home devices. 

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Google Chromecast

Supersize the shows, films, games and photos you have on your smartphone. With Google Chromecast you can wirelessly cast content from your phone to your TV via WiFi.

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Google Home Mini

The Google Home Mini is the perfect way to fill every room in your home with music. Plus, you can check what the ahead has in store or control smart thermostats, security cameras, TVs and more whether you're in the living room or the bedroom. 

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