Google Assistant

"Hey Google"

Get more done with just your voice on the go or in the home

Your Google Assistant is always ready to help. It’s the quick and convenient way to ask questions, set reminders, get directions, check the news and weather - just say 'Hey Google' to get started.

How can I get the Google Assistant?

Great news! Google Assistant is already on your Android phone (Samsung, Sony, Huawei and OnePlus) as well as your Google Pixel.

You can also get Google Assistant on a range of smart home speakers, displays including Google Home, Nest Mini, Nest Hub and more. It's even available on some smart TVs.

Hey Google, what can you do?

Let’s get started

On your phone:

Simply hold down the Home button on your phone (it might be an actual button or an icon at the button of your phone’s screen) or say “Hey Google” to your phone.

Smart home device:

If it's a smart speaker or smart display just say "Hey Google" and then start your request. If you're using a smart TV simply press and hold on the button with a microphone on it and start your request.

Ask your Assistant anything

Want to order something in another language, play your favourite song or check the weather before braving the great outdoors?

Simply say:

"Hey Google, how do you say 'one coffee, please' in Spanish?"

"Hey Google, play Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi."

"Hey Google, what's the weather like later today?"

Organise your day

Check your schedule, and set alarms and reminders quickly with just your voice.

Simply say:

"Hey Google, what's on my agenda today."

"Hey Google, remind me to buy eggs at the supermarket."

"Hey Google, set an alarm for 8am every Wednesday."

Show me the way

Wave goodbye to postcodes; simply say “Hey Google” to navigate home, find an address or see where the closest petrol station is.

Simply say:

"Hey Google, how do I get to Stansted Airport by public transport."

"Hey Google, where is the nearest cinema?"

"Hey Google, take me home."

Get help around the home

Google Assistant makes managing your home easier than ever. Control your smart home devices using your voice without every leaving the comfy spot on your sofa.

Simply say:

"Hey Google, is the kitchen light on?"

"Hey Google, turn the temperature down to 20 degrees."

Hey Google, show me the front door."

Set up a routine

Routines allow you to take the Google Assistant to the next level. What this means is that when you wake up you can say 'Hey Google, I'm up' and it will gently turn up the lights, read you your schedule, tell you how your commute is and finally start playing your favourite radio station.

To set up a routine:

  1. Say 'Hey Google'
  2. Click on 'routines' and choose one of the ready-made options or create your own
  3. Edit your command, add and re-order actions 
  4. Hit save
  5. Say the name of your command to start your routine