Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL

Pixel 4 packs in everything that’s great about Google.

We’re talking incredible camera capabilities with added artificial intelligence to help you take stunning photos every time, day and night. And the Google Assistant, which helps you get more done with just your voice.

Take photos that are out of this world

Taking good low-light photos has always proved tricky. But Pixel transformed night-time photography using a clever mix of camera hardware and super-smart artificial intelligence that analyses scenes and settings down to the finest detail.

Night Sight on Pixel 4 takes low-light photography to another level. It optimises images – avoiding blur, controlling the level of light and bringing out detail from the dark… all without a flash. In fact, Night Sight is so powerful it can be used for astrophotography – capturing the cosmos at night.

The world’s first phone with Motion Sense

It’s not always practical to pick up your phone. After all, falling off the treadmill while trying to skip tracks isn’t a great look. And frantically trying to turn off an alarm while half asleep isn’t the best way to start the day.

Pixel 4 is the first ever phone to feature Motion Sense – a new way of controlling your phone without even touching it. A built-in sensor tracks your movements, so you can change songs, flick through photos and silence calls with a simple swipe.

Smooth operator

Pixel 4 features a 90Hz-capable OLED display. Put simply, that means the images on screen refresh 90 times every second. Most phones currently refresh 60 times a second.

Pixel 4’s higher refresh rate mean that everything looks and feels silky smooth. Whether you’re scrolling through a news article or playing your favourite mobile games, everything feels quick and responsive. And to optimise battery performance, Pixel 4 automatically switches between 60Hz and 90Hz, so the faster refresh rate is only used when it’s most useful.

Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL

The Pixel 3a and 3a XL is everything you need in a phone, at an unbeatable price. Get the full Google experience with an extraordinary camera that features Night Sight, Portrait Mode and comes with unlimited storage through Google Photos.

Enjoy all-day battery along with fast-charging and keep things truly handsfree with the next-generation Google Assistant that's always on-hand to help you wherever you are and whatever you're doing.