iPhone Leather Case and Screen Protector

Keep your iPhone looking pristine

Keep your iPhone protected with this Apple Leather Case and Zagg Screen Protector, available for iPhone 6s, 7, 8, 7 Plus, 8 Plus and SE.   

These Apple-designed cases are made from specially tanned and finished French leather, making the outside feel soft to the touch. The machined aluminium buttons strike a balance by matching the case’s finish, while a microfibre lining inside helps protect your iPhone – all without adding bulk.The Zagg Screen Protector Glass+ features Ion Matrix technology. Its super strong, reinforced edge fits perfectly over your phone and has a 100% clarity rating - you won’t even notice it’s there.

Available for:

  • iPhone 6s (available in black & blue)
  • iPhone 7 / 8 (available in blue & brown)
  • iPhone 7 / 8 Plus (available in blue & brown)
  • iPhone SE (available in blue & black)

Add the iPhone Leather Case & Screen Protector and to your plan for just £4 a month for 11 months, with no upfront.

Add up to three accessories and spread the cost across your pay monthly EE contract over 11 months.

With no fees and no interest, it’s a no brainer.

Technical specification

  • iPhone Case: Leather design
  • Zagg Screen Protector: Glass+ VisionGuard with EyeSafe®

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