Call Add-ons

Love your landline?

Choose the Calling Add-On that suits you.

With our range of Calling Add-Ons you can add calls to even more places, in the UK or abroad, from just £8 a month.

Simply add one to your basket after you’ve chosen your plan.


Adding calls to your broadband is easy
Simply add to your basket during checkout

Anytime calls to landlines and mobiles

- Inclusive calls to UK landlines
- 1,500 minutes to call UK mobiles


Only £9.13 a month

Anytime UK and International calls

- Inclusive calls to UK landlines
- 1,500 minutes to UK mobiles
- Calls to landlines in 50 countries
- 30% discount to the rest of the world landlines

Only £13.70 a month

If you choose not to take a calling add-on, then all calls will be charged at our standard rates.


Choose Call Plus for £5.70 a month
Call Plus is like your own personal receptionist, with seven really useful calling features:
Call Divert
Divert incoming calls to almost any phone, including your mobile
Call Waiting
Let’s you know another call is coming through while you’re on the phone. You'll hear a short beep and can then choose whether or not to take the call
Ring Back
Don’t keep re-dialling an engaged number. Simply dial '5' and Ring Back will call you when the number becomes free
Choose to Refuse
Block up to ten numbers (some numbers are excluded from this service) and put a stop to nuisance or unwanted calls.
Reminder Call
Set up a one-off reminder quickly and simply from your handset or schedule one for the same time every day.
Anonymous Call Rejection
If a caller withholds their number, they won't be able to get through to you. So you only get calls from people who are happy to reveal their number
3-way calling
Quick and easy conference calling for three people with no need to make multiple calls.

Totally Unlimited Broadband

All our broadband plans, including superfast fibre, are totally unlimited so there are no usage caps or download limits 
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