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Unlimited Broadband

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Did you know, you can watch Live TV, Recordings and Replay from your EE TV on your Android or
Apple tablet or phone? Or, would you like to control your EE TV from your device and flick content to your telly?

It works seamlessly with up to three compatible tablets or phones. You can watch anything that's on your EE TV box, including your recordings, in any room in the house.

Personal profiles

With EE TV everyone can also create their own personal TV Guide on their tablet or phone, giving you instant access to the channels and shows you love.

You can also choose to see only the shows you’ve personally recorded, so you don’t need to search through everyone else’s recordings. And you can view all your personal photos and videos on the big screen too.

Multi Screen

You and your family can watch up to four different
programmes at home at the same time - live or recorded - on your TV and
compatible phones and tablets.

Touch Control

Use your tablet or phone as an enhanced remote for EE TV. Browse programmes and plan your viewing on your phone or tablet, without interrupting whatever you're watching on TV. Control and manage your recordings.


Move something you're watching in the app on your tablet or phone to your TV screen with a simple flick of your finger.


Need to leave the room but want to keep on watching? With the Fetch button you can take whatever's on TV and instantly bring it up on your phone or tablet.

HD streaming

With supported Apple devices, it's possible to play HD programmes from the Live TV and My Recordings sections of EE TV.HD streaming from EE TV is currently not supported on Android devices. We are actively working on several devices and will provide an update when HD support is available.

Three great reasons to get EE TV

Catch Up & On Demand

EE TV gives you access to loads of on demand entertainment like BBC iPlayer, Demand 5 and YouTube, all at no extra cost.

Plus choose from the best Pay TV when it suits you, no long-term contract, cancel anytime. Get Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, 11 amazing TV channels like Sky Atlantic, and the new Sky Kids with NOW TV passes. Catch the latest blockbusters and TV series instantly from Rakuten TV, or watch your favourite reality shows on hayu.

Free channels

EE TV comes with over 70 free channels and 11 in HD, including BBC One HD, BBC Two HD, ITV HD and Channel 4 HD.

Keep everyone happy and record up to four channels at once and EE TV's huge, 1 terabyte memory will hold it all.

Super simple to use

EE TV's technology is clever, but it couldn't be easier to use. The EE TV app also turns your compatible phone or tablet into a powerful remote.

You and your family can also watch up to four different programmes at home at the same time with Multiscreen. You can watch these live or recorded - on your TV and compatible phones and tablets.


Monthly cost
Upfront cost

EE TV, Broadband
& weekend calls

Up to
Smaller households
with one or two devices

for 18 months,
including line rental
Router delivery

EE TV, Fibre
& weekend calls

Up to
Streaming and downloading
across multiple devices

for 18 months,
including line rental
Connection & delivery

EE TV, Fibre Plus
& weekend calls

Up to
Big families and shared houses
who need to be online at the same time

for 18 months,
including line rental
Connection & delivery


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