Our Smart Hub broadband routers

Meet our new Smart Router

Our new Smart Router is a real game changer. It brings improved coverage, and gives you access to all kinds of broadband technology like Full Fibre and Smart WiFi.

Twice as powerful for a stronger WiFi signal around your home

EE Smart Hub is included free in all our Fibre broadband plans for new customers, and everyone upgrading from standard broadband to Fibre. All you need to do is plug it in, and you’re good to go. There’s no need for an engineer and it even fits through most letter boxes too.

Connect everything

Smart Hub is designed to handle lots of devices and has an intelligent wireless connection, to give you the best possible WiFi speed at all times.

So even if your home’s full of phones, tablets, laptops, and even a smart TV, everyone still gets a great experience.

Stay in control

Login to the Hub manager from your laptop, PC or mobile, and you can see who’s connected to your hub and how much data they’re using.

You can even switch off access at certain times for specific devices  – perfect for avoiding distractions during homework!

EE Bright Box 1 – wireless router

An EE Bright Box is small enough to fit through most letterboxes, but powerful enough to provide solid coverage around the house, thanks to wireless N technology.

Included with standard broadband.