Expert set-up with superfast delivery

Tech expertise that delivers

Get your phone delivered and set up by an expert within a two-hour time slot, often on the same day, depending on where you are in the UK. Check your postcode to see if you’re eligible for expert set-up with superfast delivery.

How it works


When you order your device, select ‘Expert set-up with superfast delivery’ , then choose when and where you’d like your phone delivered.


One of our friendly experts will call or text you to confirm your delivery time and details. (They’ll also remind you to have your ID on-hand and will fill you in on everything else you need to know about the visit.)


Our expert will hand-deliver your device and set it up so it works just how you like it.


Expert set-up with superfast delivery

Master your new phone with a mobile expert and get delivery as soon as the same day.


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