Remote office

4GEE wherever you are

4GEE isn't just for your phone - use it on your tablet and laptop wherever you are.

And choose between great value pay monthly and the flexibility of pay as you go for your mobile broadband.

We're always innovating at EE and our Shared 4GEE plans are a UK first. Share your phone's data, calls and texts - and you all save.

Mobile broadband - why choose EE?

Choose how you pay

Enjoy the convenience and great value of a pay monthly plan or get all the flexibility and control of pay as you go.

Choose how you connect

Create you own bubble of 4GEE with a mobile WiFi device. Or plug a USB dongle into your laptop or tablet.

Choose where you use it

Get superfast 4GEE while you're out and about. Or use mobile broadband as your home internet.

Shared 4GEE plans

Innovating to improve your digital life

Save money

Share your plan with up to 4 other people - pay less than if you were all on separate 4GEE plans.


Shared 4GEE plans are flexible. You don't have to set everyone up at the same time.

Calls and texts

You get unlimited calls and texts to go with up to 20GB of shared data a month.

Not just 4GEE

You don't need a 4G phone - 3G phones can still join a Shared 4GEE plan.