Beats by Dre: How to pick the perfect pair

8 November 2017

Whether it’s throbbing hip-hop or noodling folk-rock that floats your boat, Beats by Dre has long been the gold standard in pumping out gloriously crisp, perfectly-balanced tones – making songs sound exactly the way the artist intended.

Strap on a pair and, quite simply, you’ll be blown away. But with so much choice, it’s hard to know where to begin. Do you go for big, eye-catching over-the-head cans? Or discreet in-the-ear buds?

So if you’re not sure what you actually need, here’s our handy guide to Beats by Dre to help you find your perfect match.

Beats Solo3 – for the serious audiophiles
These are the chunky, funky headphones to rock if you’re ultra-serious about your music. Not only do they look the part – choose from five eye-catching colours, each with the iconic Beats logo stamped stylishly on the cup – they also deliver an incredible punch. Play your favourite tunes through these award-winning headphones and you’ll be bowled over by the clarity, breadth, balance and power.

And if mind-boggling sonic quality isn’t enough, an incredible 40 hours of battery life means you can pump the tunes all night long. Plus, you’ll get an incredible three hours playback from an emergency five-minute charge. Awesome, right? To make things even more epic, Beats Solo3 are wireless, too. With a slick Apple W1 connection, you can leave your phone on charge, and enjoy the your favourite albums anywhere in the house – whatever you’re doing!

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BeatsX earphones – for saving space
If you don’t fancy carting bulkier headphones around all day, BeatsX will be more your thing – plus, you can blast those massive basslines without messing up your hair. These beefy earbuds come equipped with a slick wireless connection that puts similarly-priced Bluetooth headphones to shame. And they’ll fit neatly in your pocket.

Moreover, BeatsX delivers two hours playback from a five-minute charge. So if you’re ever caught short on power, you’ll be up and running again in no time. And because BeatsX lets you skip tracks and pump up the volume with the touch of a button, you can give Siri a well-deserved night off!

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Beats EP headphones – for everyday listening
Available in four striking colours, Beats EP headphones make for serious eye-candy. But they’re not just about looking pretty. Beats EP delivers the dynamic, Dre-approved sounds you expect from Beats – just at a more affordable price. So you can enjoy bright, perfectly-rounded audio without breaking the bank.

What’s more; Beats EP are completely battery-free, so the party will never grind to an unexpected halt, unless you hit pause on your Apple Music playlist. And through the RemoteTalk cable, you can deftly handle any incoming calls – and then whack the volume back up to 11 when you’re done. All the while, the innovative flat wire will ensure you stay totally tangle-free.

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Powerbeats3 wireless earphones – for fitness freaks
For most gym-goers, there’s nothing more infuriating than your earphones falling out just when you’re starting to feel the burn. And whether you’re beasting through spin class or having a gentle jog around the park, Powerbeats3 will keep the bass pumping with no interruptions. A full charge gives you 12 hours playback – more than enough for a week’s worth of workouts. And the tough, precision-engineered casing keeps all that dripping sweat from creeping into your earphones during those particularly heavy sessions.

For added comfort, four sets of earbuds are included – so you can find the perfect fit for your ears – and the super-lightweight frame will help keep your head high as you cross that finish line. Again, it’s all completely wireless, so there’s no danger of a wayward lead sending you flying off the treadmill.

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UrBeats earphones – epic earbuds on a budget
Want mammoth bass tones and soaring vocals on a budget? Well, UrBeats definitely fits the bill. You get that trademark flat, tangle-resistant cable, four different sizes of earbuds, and a slick built-in mic for taking calls whenever anyone interrupts your tunes. In short, everything you need and more.

They’re pretty good for your street cred, too – oozing Dre-like style. Choose from six epic colours – including head-turners like Ultra-Violet and Rose Gold – all stamped with the iconic Beats By Dre logo on the cup. Looking for sleek design and pristine, finely-tuned sound at an affordable price? Then look no further.

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