EE top tips: How to set up two numbers on the Dual SIM Samsung Galaxy S10

8 March 2019

The Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e all let you use two separate phone numbers on your phone. That’s because the new phones use a hybrid SIM slot, which lets you either install one SIM and one MicroSD memory card, or two separate SIM cards.

So if you don’t have lots of files you want to store on your memory card, you have a Galaxy S10 with a hefty 512GB of built-in storage already on board, or you need separate numbers for personal and business contacts, here’s how to set up two different phone numbers on your Galaxy S10:

  • insert two separate SIM cards into the SIM card tray of your Galaxy S10
  • click on the Settings app
  • choose Connections
  • select SIM card manager
  • under General settings you’ll see both your SIM cards – click on each of these to change their names e.g. Work and Personal
  • select which SIM card you’d prefer to make calls and text messages from, and which SIM you’d prefer to use mobile data from, underneath the Preferred SIM card section

Using dual SIMs on your Samsung Galaxy S10 gives you great flexibility to take and make calls from two numbers without having to carrying around two phones. Another really useful feature on Samsung’s latest smartphone.

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