Everything you need to know about Samsung's Gear S3 watch

27 April 2017

It may look like a watch. And tell the time like a watch. But look a little closer and you’ll soon see Samsung’s Gear S3 Classic has more in common with a smartphone than a traditional timepiece, with two obvious differences – it’s much smaller than a phone, and on your wrist.

Sure, it’ll still improve your chances of being on time for work – but there’s a whole host of advanced features that, when paired with compatible Samsung devices, make this smartwatch one of the coolest pieces of tech around. 

Here’s everything you need to know:

It looks and feels like a traditional watch
First of all, for something to technically be called a ‘watch’, it kinda has to look like a watch. And the Gear S3 does just that; and does it very well. With a premium, high-end design and 1.3-inch Super AMOLED screen, you get all the style perks of a classic watch, with the features of a smartphone – so you look slick, while being ahead of of the tech curve. 

You don’t have to settle for one style
With any normal watch, you pick a colour and style – and that’s it, you’re stuck with it. Even if your tastes change over the years. The Gear S3 takes a very different approach, though. With 15 preloaded designs (and more available at the Gear App Store), as well as a range of watch bands to choose from, you’re never glued to one look. So whether you’re dressing up or dressing down, your watch can always match the occasion.

There’s over 10,000 apps available
Just like a smartphone, you’ll never be short of app options – with over 10,000 apps available to download from the Gear App Store, which you can access directly from your watch. Listen to Spotify, order an Uber, or browse through distilled news with Flipboard, which you can instantly open on your phone with one click to read the full story. With thousands of options, you’ll have your must-have apps on-hand at all times, quite literally.

You can make calls straight from your wrist
Pretty cool, right? The Gear S3’s in-built speaker pairs with compatible smartphones to let you make and receive calls, totally hands-free – so you avoid the customary scramble to pull your phone out of your pocket or handbag before it hits the answerphone. Just turn the bezel, and whether it’s an important work call or your mate calling for a catch up, you’ll be chatting away in an instant.

There’s loads of cool data available
Whatever you’re doing, the Gear S3 constantly collects your activity data throughout the day – which you can
check anytime with a quick click. And by syncing your watch to the S Health app, you can download in-depth, long-term reports to give you a detailed overview of your health progress.

It has a mammoth charge life
Planning a trip? There’s always so much to remember, but with up to four days of battery life, charging your Gear S3 regularly will be one less thing on your mind. Of course, battery life depends on your usage and settings. But with superfast wireless charging, you’ll be back at full charge in no time, and ready for the next few days.

You won’t even need to hit any buttons
Watches can be fidgety. After all, they generally aren’t very big. But that’s not something you’ll need to worry about with the Gear S3. Whatever you need to do – making a call, sending a text, opening an app – just say the word and the Gear S3 will do the rest for you.

There’s a load of memory
It may be tiny compared to a smartphone, but with a whopping 4GB of internal storage, there’s more than enough space for your favourite apps and music. That’s enough memory to store roughly 1,000 songs. Which should keep you entertained for a while, anyway.

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