Google announces new Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL smartphones

15 October 2019

 Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL in black and on a black background

Your search for a new smartphone could well be over. Today Google revealed their latest phones – the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. If you like what Google did with their previous Pixels or you’re looking for a new phone that’s great for photos, especially night-time shots, we think you’ll love these. They’re made the Google way.

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Pixel 4 for photography

Google’s Pixel phones have a well-deserved reputation for producing incredible images, and their latest phones build on that with a dual-lens rear camera system, optical and electronic image stabilisation, dual-pixel phase detection, and clever software tweaks.

This year, Google is introducing Night Sight 2.0 – a system that combines the power of the phone’s dual-lens camera system with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Essentially, your Pixel 4 adapts to you and the environment, optimising to light and movement.

Low-light shots have always been tricky to perfect, often resulting in over-bright and blurry images. But with Night Sight, your shots look clear and detailed. You can even use it to capture astrophotography – taking photos of starry nights that look out of this world, with just a tap.

The Pixel 4’s hardware power and software smarts also combine to bring you closer to your subject. With Super Res Zoom, you can focus in on the smallest of details hiding in the background that you may have completely missed. It’s a new way of seeing your photos.

And just like with previous Pixel phones, Pixel 4 comes with unlimited online storage with Google Photos, so you can save all your photos and videos in high-quality, for free.

a woman with a great afro smiling and posing while taking a selfie on the Pixel 4

Motion Sense: a new way to use your Pixel

Pixel 4 is the first ever smartphone to feature Motion Sense and it will change the way you interact with your phone.

With Soli, Google’s new sensing technology built in to the top of the display, your Pixel 4 can accurately track hand gestures above the screen and allow you to control your phone hands-free.

Use simple hand gestures to perform everyday tasks, such as skipping music tracks, silencing calls or putting your alarm to sleep without having to touch the phone. It’s great for when you’re cooking, driving or exercising.

A new Pixel, a new Google Assistant

You’ll find all your favourite features on the Pixel 4’s Google Assistant – you can send texts, get directions and check the latest headlines by giving your phone a quick squeeze or simply saying “Hey, Google”.

Other helpful features include the ability to automatically caption everything, so if you’ve forgotten your headphones you can switch on Live Caption and put written words on your videos, podcasts and audio messages – even content you’ve recorded yourself.

Google smarts are also embedded into the phone’s audio recorder, which can categorise different types of audio and transcribe speech, saving you plenty of time typing up voice notes and interviews.

And Google Maps is getting a great new feature. Live View places arrows and directions on top of the real world as seen on your Pixel’s display, so you’ll never miss a turning and you’re not left second guessing which way to go. Whether walking or driving, it takes the nuisance out of navigation.

The Pixel 4 and 4 XL are built around the Google software you know and love, so you can expect the phone’s features and Google Assistant to keep getting better. That’s the Google way.

a man on a block smiling and taking a selfie with the Pixel 4

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