iPhone headphones to make your music rock 

23 August 2018


iPhone is synonymous with music. Right down to those iconic white earbuds.

But which type of headphones should you choose to get the very best out of the audio on your iPhone? We look at the options:

In-ear iPhone headphones – Apple AirPods

Apple’s iconic white earbuds were given a wireless makeover for iPhone 7 – changing the way you listen to music forever.

Forget fiddly cables – simply pop your AirPods into your ears and your music plays automatically. Take them out and they stop playing.

Apple AirPods are completely in tune with your iPhone. Bluetooth connects everything together, and iPhone’s voice-activated personal assistant, Siri, can be used to skip tracks, change the volume, make a call, or even get directions.

What’s more, the charging case means you can listen to music for longer. A full charge gives you up to five hours’ playback, while a quick 15-minute boost lets you listen for up to three hours – long enough to get you through most journeys.

On-ear wireless headphones – Beats X Solo3 Decade Collection headphones

Sometimes you just want your music to have a bit more oomph. On-ear headphones are the perfect blend of powerful sound and compact design – delivering music with an added edge and punchy bass.

They can easily be folded away and put inside your bag or jacket pocket, so they’re a great option for commuters and office workers.

Beats X Solo3 Decade Collection headphones are well worth a look if you’re after a pair of stylish and powerful on-ears that work seamlessly with iPhone. The Beats X Solo3s work together with Siri to let you control your music and take calls wirelessly.

They’re compact and comfortable too, and with a built-in battery that lets you play your music for up to 40 hours you can listen to your music all day long without the hassle of wires.

Overhead noise-cancelling wireless headphones – Beats Studio3 Decade Collection

Overhead headphones are the ultimate choice for music lovers and film fans. They completely cover your ears and are designed to deliver rich and detailed sound.

Noise-cancelling overhead headphones are a great option if you’re listening to your iPhone on public transport, in a busy city or on a flight. They use built-in microphones to counteract outside noises, so all you hear is what you’re playing.

If you want to fully focus on a film, or enjoy your music on the move without any distractions, noise-cancelling overhead wireless headphones are ideal.

Beats Studio3 Decade Collection headphones use Pure Adaptive Noise Cancellation (ANC) to monitor the sound around you and adjust the level of noise cancellation to suit your environment. They constantly work to deliver exceptional sound quality whatever your surroundings, making them a top choice when listening to your iPhone on the move.

Sports headphones – Beats Powerbeats3 headphones

When you’re jogging or working out at the gym, the last thing you want on your head is big headphones that restrict your movement or make you hot.

There are iPhone headphones designed especially for sport, so you can listen to music and stay motivated without worrying about sweat and moisture damaging them.

With a sweat and water-resistant design Beats Powerbeats3 headphones are built to stand up to tough workouts. These sporty headphones even feature secure-fit ear hooks, which keep them attached when your feet are pounding the pavement or you’re pushing it to the limit in the gym.

Plus, you can enjoy workouts without wires. These Beats headphones connect to your iPhone over Bluetooth, delivering up to 12 hours of music – enough to get your through even the most gruelling of marathons.

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