Make your home a tech wonderland

27 November 2017

Arriving home to a cold, dark house can be a bit of a drag. So what if we said you could pop the kettle on, turn up the heating and switch on some mood lighting on your commute back from work? Sounds pretty awesome, right?

In fact, you could turn your home into a fully-fledged tech wonderland!

Whether you want to dim the lights with voice command, lock the front door with your smartphone, or even vacuum the floor without getting off the sofa – it’s all just a few clicks away.

So if you want to transform your home into a tech paradise – and even save some money in the process – here’s a few ways to get the ball rolling.

Honeywell Lyric smart thermostat
Hook this brilliant gadget up to your boiler and you’ll never, ever have cold toes again. The Lyric can be paired with devices like Google Home, your smartphone or Apple Watch, so you can make the house nice and cosy before you even leave the office. It’ll also save you some cash. Since the Lyric learns precisely how long it takes to heat your house, you’ll never waste a single kilowatt of precious energy ever again.

Dyson 360 Eye vacuum cleaner
A self-operating vacuum cleaner? That sucks up your toast crumbs while you kick back and watch the telly? Really!? Yep, you heard us right. If you’re looking to turn your house into a really smart home, this is as good as it gets. Dyson’s bonkers-yet-brilliant 360 Eye uses infrared beams to detect obstacles, has tank tracks to tackle any kind of indoor terrain, and is clever enough to head safely back to its docking station when your carpet’s fully de-fluffed. And since it’s a Dyson, it’s sucking power is second to none. So put your feet up, and let the Dyson 360 Eye do the hard work.

Phillips Hue smart lightbulbs
Few things are more mind-bogglingly futuristic than dimming the lights with your voice. And Phillips’ clever Hue smart lightbulb lets you do just that, altering the ambience of your home in the most space-age way possible. You can even sync your lighting to a favourite tune and watch it pulse to the rhythm. Or you could simply request some mood lighting, without having to install a special dimmer switch. It’s particularly useful when you’re on holiday, too – just put down your cocktail for a second and use your smartphone to switch the lights on and off from your sun-lounger.

Apple TV
Experience every second of your favourite shows in razor-sharp 4K HDR detail, with colours more rich and vibrant than you ever thought possible. Get specially-curated TV, music and movie recommendations in one single place. Use Siri to change channels or cue up your favourite album on Apple Music. You can even switch seamlessly between your iPhone, tablet and TV set – so you can start watching Game of Thrones on your tablet in the kitchen, flip it onto the TV in the living room, then wander upstairs to watch on your mobile in bed. Very, very cool.

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Samsung Family Hub smart fridge freezer

A huge, touch-activated screen so can you check emails while grabbing a piece of cheese? Check. A super-speedy connection to your favourite supermarket so you can add groceries to your shopping list? Check. Trust us, you’ve never seen a fridge quite like this. Best of all, it has built-in cameras that take a photo every time you close the door. So if you can’t remember what you came to the shops for, just fire up the app to see what state your fridge is in. You’ll never be left butter-less ever again. 

Google Home
With Google’s seriously-smart-speaker set up in the house, you basically have your very own virtual butler – or some sort of mystical, 21st century genie – at your beck and call. Use your voice to control the central heating and lighting. Flick between TV channels. Stream your favourite albums. Schedule meetings. Book a taxi. Or even just blurt out random questions that pop into your head. This being Google, it always has the answer.

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Samsung Gear VR headset
“Is a futuristic-looking gadget you strap over your face really home tech?” we hear you cry. Well, yes, it is. And that’s because this incredible piece of VR kit has the power to transform your living room into a full-blown mega-screen cinema. Just fire up the Netflix app, choose a film or TV show, and Gear VR plonks you straight into your very own private multiplex. Without a sticky carpet or a stale bucket of popcorn in sight.

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