nREAL AIR - what you need to know


Experience your digital world in a whole new way.

Take cinema screen viewing and an immersive gaming experience everywhere you go with Nreal Air Augmented Reality glasses. And you can do it all on the UK’s best network for 5G.

What are Nreal Air Augmented Reality Glasses?

Nreal Air Augmented Reality glasses give you a truly immersive digital experience wherever you go. By connecting to Wi-Fi or 5G you’re able to use augmented reality to stream video, play online games and interact with your digital experience in an entirely new way.

A 1080p OLED cinema screen display coupled with high-fidelity sound and up to 5 hours streaming time means you can fully immerse yourself in a whole new digital experience wherever you are. Whether you’re enjoying a new series, supporting your team, or playing your favourite games, with Nreal Air you can dive even deeper into your digital world.

How do the glasses work?

Nreal Air work by connecting to your smartphone. You’ll just need to download the Nebula application from Nreal technology Limited, connect your glasses into your smartphone via the provided USB-C cable, and you’re ready to go. After that, you can start enjoying the things you love most in an entirely new way, either streaming via Wi-Fi/5G or playing offline content you may have on your device.

Nreal Air AR glasses feature two modes, 'Air Casting' mode and 'MR Space' mode. In 'Air Casting' mode, you're able to mirror your smartphone screen and enjoy your mobile experience on a 130-inch HD virtual display. The 'MR Space' mode allows you to dive into an immersive mixed reality environment.

Is my device compatible with the glasses?

You can find a full list of compatible devices on the Nreal Air product page.

How much are the glasses and where can I buy them?

Nreal Air AR Glasses cost £399.99. If you’re an EE customer, you may be eligible to add the glasses to your current plan and spread the cost over 11 months. If you’re not currently an EE customer, you can still purchase the glasses through one of our retail stores.

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Can the glasses be fitted with prescription lenses?

They can. Unlike most AR glasses, Nreal Air come with an additional prescription frame allowing you to fit your prescription lenses into the glasses, so you don’t need to wear your regular pair underneath. Just take your pair of Nreal Air AR glasses to the opticians and they should be able to fit your prescription lenses.

What accessories come with the glasses?

The glasses come with a case and cleaning cloth, light shield, detachable cable, prescription-lens frame and 3 nose pads.

Try the Nreal Air AR experience

Try the Nreal Air AR experience on your smartphone, just scan Nreal's QR code below and dive in.


Try the Nreal Air experience

Try the Nreal Air AR experience on your smartphone. 


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