The hottest Christmas tech

3rd November 2017

Like it or not, a stocking full of satsumas and dodgy socks just doesn’t cut it anymore. Not with the sheer epicness of tech in 2017. These days, the poor, overworked elves in Santa’s workshop are expected to knock up all manner of incredible gadgets, from flash Beats By Dre headphones to AI-infused virtual butlers like Google Home (who’ll make sure you remember to send those Christmas ‘thank you’ letters).

But with so much choice, just what is the perfect gift for your tech-obsessed loved one this year? Don’t fret, you can think of EE as your very own Christmas helper. Just don’t expect us to wear one of those flashing reindeer jumpers!

So if you need a blast of present-buying inspiration, here’s a look at 2017’s hottest Christmas tech – and, best of all, the ways we can help you spread the cost. Rest assured, shove any of these in your nearest-and-dearest’s stocking and you’ll be more popular than Santa himself.

Apple Watch Series 3
What could be more swish than wearing the latest Apple gadget on your wrist throughout the festive season? Not much, that’s for sure. Pair this extraordinary smartwatch with your iPhone and you’ll immediately become the most futuristic kid on the block, making calls and sending texts from your wrist like 007. Even cooler than Bond, though; you can listen to over 40 million songs with Apple Music, or ask Siri to give you directions while you’re out for a jog – all while leaving your smartphone safely at home. Oh, and did we mention it tells the time, too?

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Beats X headphones
These are the headphones used by hip-hop heavyweights Lil’ Wayne, Snoop Dogg and Ludacris – not to mention Dr Dre himself – so they come with a pretty serious stamp of approval. And really, when it comes to looking cool, nothing oozes street style like Beats by Dre. But looks aren’t everything. This awesome gift for audiophiles backs up the style with incredible, bass-throbbing technology. Put simply, Jingle Bells will take on startling new dimensions – although other songs are available, too.

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Samsung Gear VR collection
This stunning virtual reality headset brings cutting-edge VR down to Christmas pressie levels of affordability. Throw yourself into fully-immersive, mind-blowingly realistic games and puzzles. Swim with dolphins without so much as getting your feet wet. And best of all, you can create your own mega-screen cinema – minus all those rustling boxes of popcorn – all in the privacy of your own home. So give the gift of virtual reality this Christmas, and watch the magic unravel.

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Samsung Gear Fit2
After consuming your own bodyweight in overcooked turkey and Quality Street, thoughts always turn to that New Year fitness regime. If you’re looking for some clever tech to give you a much-needed kick-up-the-backside, Samsung’s Gear Fit2 wristband is the perfect new gym buddy. Record your route, speed and distance with built-in GPS. Keep an eye on your heart rate. And connect with your mates to keep each other motivated. It’s your very own personal trainer, 24/7.

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Google Home
Is there anything more annoying than fumbling for the remote just as that Christmas Day blockbuster comes on the telly? Well, thanks to Google’s awesome virtual butler, it’s no big deal. Wake up Google Home with an “OK, Google”, then switch channels, turn up the volume, or maybe even stream some festive tunes instead. There’s no end to the useful stuff Google Home can do. Set yourself reminders and schedule meetings. Operate smart-gadgets like lighting and central heating with a simple voice command. And, of course, this being Google, you can ask it any random question that pops into your head and get an instant, definitive answer.

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Samsung 360 Camera
What better way to ease the festive food coma than heading outside and creating incredible, 360-degree movies in sparkling high-resolution? Just pair it with your smartphone, and before you know it, you could be the next Tarantino in the making. 360-style. And since the Gear 360 is made of extremely sturdy stuff – with an innovative dust and splash-resistant design – you won’t need to worry about stray drops of snow, if it’s a White Christmas this year.

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