Unfold the future: will foldable tech transform mobile?

25 March 2019

Foldable tech is coming. Samsung is set to release an exciting new device that blends the form-factor of a smartphone with the screen size and capabilities of a tablet.

But what benefits will foldable tech bring to the table and are we likely to see it replacing our current tech?

The shape of things to come

When tablets were first released in 2010, people debated whether there was really a need for a display that sat somewhere between a smartphone and a laptop. Yet tablets have proved immensely popular, with some users preferring them to their laptops.

In recent years we’ve also seen smartphone screens getting bigger. Gone are the days that we referred to these super-sized phones as ‘phablets.’ They’re now the new standard.

But carrying around two separate devices isn’t always practical. Foldable devices like the Samsung Galaxy Fold combine everything that’s great about smartphones and tablets, all in one compact and stylish package. 

The best of both worlds
These days you can do most things on your smartphone – browse the web, send emails, take photos and, of course, make calls. But there are times when using a bigger screen is so much easier and more immersive – working with files and documents, watching HD films and playing online games.

Carrying two devices, especially when you’re on the move, isn’t always practical. Foldable devices bring you the best of worlds. The Samsung Galaxy Fold, for example, is both a stylish smartphone, featuring a 4.6-inch display and five powerful cameras, and a slimline tablet when you unfold the phone and reveal the beautiful 7.3-inch display.

And everything is seamless. There’s no visible fold line when you open up the tablet and content automatically switches from the Fold’s phone screen to the tablet display and vice versa. Welcome to unrivalled levels of convenience. 

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is all-powerful too, with PC levels of performance. Under the bonnet there’s 12GB of RAM, 512GB of storage, a fast processor and a long-lasting battery.

Of course, power is important if you’re likely to be working with multiple applications, files and video content. The large tablet screen makes it much easier to work with lots of apps and files on screen at the same time – with windows that you can adjust the size of just as you would on a laptop

When it comes to gaming, it’s much easier to control characters and move your players around on a bigger screen, giving you an extra edge if you’re playing online. Games look much more epic on bigger screens too.

The compact form-factor of a smartphone and the bigger screen size of a tablet works well for photographers as well. With foldable phones you get the best of both worlds. 

Unfold a new mobile experience
You should expect foldable tech to progress with each generation of new devices, but these first-generation foldable tech devices will give you extra convenience, capabilities and a fresh and stylish approach to using your mobile.

You may not be sure if this is another bit of tech you need, but if you’re intrigued by new technology and want a great-looking device that combines the best bits of smartphones and tablets, foldable tech is well worth a look. 

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