Welcome to iOS 12 for iPhone 

23 August 2018

Ahead of the new iPhone launch, expected this autumn, Apple has given us all a beta version of their brand-new operating system – iOS 12.

The first flurry of features were unveiled at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in early June, with the free public beta available a few weeks later.

Apple’s new OS is likely to feature a few more surprises when it’s officially launched alongside the new iPhone (or iPhones), but the test version already has us sold.

What’s most impressive about the new iPhone iOS is just how effective it is at improving and enhancing performance.

We’re talking faster response times, improved reliability and more immersive experiences. So, if you’ve got an iPhone (5s or newer), you can download the beta version and get even more out of it right now. 

Here what’s in store:

Faster iPhone performance

The first thing you’ll notice with iOS 12 on your iPhone is just how much faster and more responsive it feels.

Performing everyday tasks like texting and typing is quicker and switching between apps feels less fussy. And Apple have accelerated access to your camera, so you’re much more likely to capture  those fleeting photo opportunities. 

Invite more people to the party

You can now FaceTime up to 32 people at the same time, making group chats, conference calls and family catch-ups on your iPhone much more fun and interactive.

Personalise your iPhone

It’s time to give your Animojis a makeover. If you’re the proud owner of an iPhone X, Memoji on iOS 12 will let you create your very own alter egos, with matching personalities and moods to boot.

Feeling cuddly, fierce, scary or angry? There are four brand-new Animojis to help you express yourself better too: koala, tiger, ghost and T.rex. Grrrrr!

So go ahead and inject some fun and personality to your iPhone chats. Animojis, Memojis, fun filters, animated text and striking stickers can be added to your messages and FaceTime straight from the camera.

Putting you in control of your iPhone

iOS 12 gives you even greater control over your iPhone, with more ways to manage notifications from your Lock screen. Group messages and topics together, send updates to the Notification Centre, or put up the Do Not Disturb sign and go interruption-free until you’re available.

Improved photo sharing and searching

Apple’s new OS makes it even easier to look back on life and share good times with friends and family straight from your iPhone. The new For You tab uncovers gems in your library and suggests sharing with the other people in the photo.

And search suggestions make it quicker to find and revisit happy memories hidden in your photo library. Simply start typing what you’re looking for and your iPhone will retrieve your photos. In fact, with iOS 12, you’ll see suggestions for recent events, people and places even before you start typing.

A smarter Siri

Siri just got a whole lot smarter. In iOS 12, Siri can learn your daily routine and pair up with third-party apps to make lots of useful suggestions – such as when to place your cappuccino order from your favourite coffee shop on the way to work. Or it can learn your route to the office and home and notify colleagues or roommates if you’re running late.

Your privacy, protected

Data protection is all-important, so it’s great news that iOS 12 puts privacy at its heart. Now you can use your iPhone without advertisers collecting your data and targeting you with ads across the web, based on your iPhone’s unique details.

These updates have really whet the appetite and we can’t wait to use the finished OS on the new iPhone. 

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