Which new iPhone should I choose - iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max or iPhone XR?

14 September 2018

With three new phones announced at Apple’s annual event this September, deciding which one’s right for you could prove tricky. After all, unlike with previous launches, the new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR all feature the same stunning edge-to-edge bezel-less design and the same super-fast and powerful A12 Bionic chip.

We’re here to help you decide which new iPhone you should go for:

iPhone XS

If you love the convenient size and design of your current iPhone X, then iPhone XS is the obvious choice. The new iPhone XS improves on last year’s device with an incredibly fast, powerful and efficient A12 Bionic chip, which performs 5 trillion operations a second for improved augmented reality, online gaming and faster overall performance.

iPhone XS features an unbelievably detailed, crystal-clear Super Retina OLED display, which makes videos, photos and websites look better than ever.

What’s more, the 12mp dual cameras take your images and videos to a whole new level. A built-in image signal processor works with the A12 Bionic chip to do all the hard work – analysing your picture to set the right exposure, focus, white balance and more.

With zero shutter lag, you can capture even fast-moving objects. Smart HDR will take multiple images in a split second and combine all the best bits from each one—the best shadows, highlights and details­—to create the ultimate image every single time.

An adjustable depth of field feature means that even after you’ve taken your photo, you can refine and readjust the image by moving the background or getting creative with the bokeh effect.

Another reason you may wish to go for iPhone XS is because it comes with dual SIM capabilities, so you can use two separate numbers on just one phone. This is great for frequent travellers and business users, who might also benefit from the 512GB version – that’s some serious space to store all your files and documents.

If you’re a loyal iPhone user, iPhone XS is going to take the least getting used to – making calls, texting with one hand and updating your social networks on the move will feel as natural and easy as ever. It’s a real step up in speed, performance and photo-taking capabilities, but it’s still as fun and familiar to use as ever.

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iPhone XS Max

If you’re a fan of big phones and large screens, this is the iPhone for you. It features the largest display ever seen on an iPhone, and it’s currently the largest you can buy in the UK at 6.5 inches.

iPhone XS Max takes entertainment to new heights, giving your favourite TV shows and films the big-screen treatment, so you can immerse yourself in content wherever you are. Your photos and videos also look stunning on the Super Retina display.

If you rely on your phone for work, the new iPhone XS Max is a top choice, because the large screen makes it easy to multi-task, switch seamlessly between apps and take calls over FaceTime.

If you plan to use your iPhone for work or tend to watch a lot of entertainment on your phone rather than your TV, you’re probably best choosing iPhone XS Max. Of course, with a bigger screen you lose some of that compact form factor found on iPhone XS, which makes that iPhone so easy and convenient to carry and use on the move.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference, because the specs on both iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are nearly identical – barring battery life, display size and screen resolution. In the end though, whichever new iPhone gets your vote, you’re getting something truly amazing.

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iPhone XR

One of the biggest announcements at the Apple event was that the company is releasing a lower priced iPhone. This is massive news, because now it will be much more affordable to experience just how amazing iPhone is.

And what’s even more incredible is that the new iPhone XR features a stunning edge-to-edge display, a large 6.1-inch LCD Liquid Retina display, the same camera system as iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, and the super-fast A12 Bionic chip inside. With iPhone XR you’re getting some serious bang for your buck.

At 6.1 inches, iPhone XR’s large screen is great for streaming Netflix, watching videos on YouTube and scrolling through photos on Instagram. Images are bright, clear and detailed, and you can snap some seriously stunning photos on iPhone XR’s single-lens camera using Smart HDR, Portrait mode and depth control. Plus, with the most advanced LCD ever seen on a smartphone, everything sparkles.

Another reason you may choose to go for iPhone XR is that it comes in six stunning colours: white, black, coral, blue, yellow and Product Red.

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Time to choose…

Ultimately, which new iPhone you choose boils down to personal preference. iPhone XS Max is perfect for avid content consumers and keen photographers. iPhone XS is the obvious choice for long-time iPhone users looking for a compact and convenient iPhone to type, text and talk on every day. iPhone XR is the most affordable choice – ideal for fans of large screens, new iPhone users and anyone looking for an innovative iPhone for everyday use. 

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