Who says you can't?

Introducing our new podcast series

At EE, we're keen to celebrate those that fly in the face of convention. Because for every cynic who says "you can't do that", there's another far more interesting person who ignores accepted wisdom and does it anyway. In our new podcast series, presenter Rick Edwards speaks to four well-known people who've done just that. 

Get men talking about their feelings. Who says you can't?

A hardened battle rapper is not the first person you'd expect to be emotionally vulnerable and open with their feelings. But Stephen Manderson, or Professor Green as he's better known, has found a way to express himself.


Turn a quid into something delicious. Who says you can't?

Think you can't get much for a quid these days? Think again. Miguel Barclay, or the £1 chef as he's become known, is on a mission to make delicious food cheap and simple. In this episode, find out how Miguel went from skiving biochemist to Instagram fame, and how we can all rethink the way we plan and cook our meals.

Be a grandmother and a daredevil. Who says you can't?

Dilys Price somehow found time inbetween breaking skydiving world records and becoming a fashion muse to chat with Rick Edwards in this life-affirming podcast. Listen in as Dilys discusses how she's continuing to defy expectations and loving every minute of it. 

Walk across the entire world. Who says you can't?

Arjun Bhogal thinks of himself as just a regular person. But he's a regular person who did something truly remarkable: he walked all the way from Cardiff, Wales to New South Wales... Australia. Find out how this impossible sounding journey became a reality and what's it's taught him about himself - without even having to walk a single step.