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In this series, Rick Edwards is joined by a range of inspiring people who have challenged the conventional way of doing things.

Who Says You Can't? Season 1

Professor Green sitting in a recording studio with headphones on

Get men talking about their feelings. Who says you can't?

Professor Green has never been one to follow the rules, and now his emotional honesty is helping others to rethink their own attitudes.

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Miguel Barclay smiling, sitting in a recording studio

Turn a quid into something delicious. Who says you can't?

Where some people would see a near-empty fridge, Miguel Barclay spots a challenge. Learn how his thrifty hacks and cheats help him create delicious meals fit for any budget. 

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Dilys Price smiling at the camera, sitting in a recording studio

Be a grandmother and a daredevil. Who says you can't?

Dilys Price doesn’t know the meaning of the word “can’t”. She knows a lot about breaking world records, tackling stereotypes and overcoming barriers though. 

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Arjun Bhogal smiling at the camera, sitting in a recording studio holding headphones

Walk across the entire world. Who says you can't?

Some people choose to take a different path. Arjun Bhogal took thousands. Find out about his incredible journey from Cardiff, Wales to Cardiff, New South Wales, (Australia!).

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