Preloaded Data Only SIMs

Our 30 and 90-day data-only SIMs are designed to suit everyone. With allowances of up to 20GB, our pay as you go data only SIMS give you all the data you need in one upfront payment. You can easily add extra data any time. And it keeps getting better: the longer you use our new data add-ons the better they get, as we’ll reward you with extra data for free.

  • 30 Day
  • 90 Day

30 Day

30 days
30 days

90 Day

90 days
90 days
90 days

Get a free 4GEE data SIM and top up later

Another way to connect your tablet or 4G WiFi device to our network is with one of our free 4GEE data SIMs. Order your free data SIM today, then when it arrives simply top up and add the data you want.

Reasons to choose 4GEE WiFi pay as you go

Total freedom

Just choose the amount of data that’s right for you and how long you want it to last. There’s no surprise charges when it runs out, you just add some more.

Free EU Roaming

Use your data allowances when travelling across 48 destinations in Europe.

4G in more places

Superfast, reliable connection wherever you go. Our network gives you the biggest 4G coverage in the UK.