Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G on EE

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G

With the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G you’re always connected – even without your phone. Make and receive calls, respond to texts and emails, play music at the gym, and pay for things with a tap.

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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G comes in two sizes and three colours to suit your wrist size and personal style. Choose from the 46mm in Silver and the 42mm in Rose Gold or Midnight Black. And you can wear your watch just how you like by customising the strap and watch face.

Watch your health and fitness

Whether you run for fun, improve stamina with a swim or workout at the gym, the Galaxy Watch 4G automatically and accurately tracks your progress and gives you all the important details.

A battery with stamina

Nobody has time to keep charging their watch – so the Galaxy Watch 4G lasts longer between charges.

The 46mm Galaxy Watch keeps going for up to seven days, while the 42mm Galaxy Watch can go for four days before it needs a boost.

Carry cash without a wallet

When you get to the till, you just want to pay for your goods and be on your way – as quickly as possible. No rummaging for loose change or looking for the right payment card. With Samsung Pay on the Galaxy Watch 4G, you can pay for items simply by tapping your wrist against the shop’s card reader.

Handy around the home

With the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G and compatible smart home devices, you can heat up your home before you walk through the front door, switch the lights on and off without moving from your sofa and boil your kettle from your bedroom. Now that’s smart living.

Freedom to move to the music

The Galaxy Watch 4G lets you listen to your music without having to carry your phone, which can be a bit of a nuisance when you’re trying to beat your personal best, lift weights, or even do some shopping.

Play music from your premium Spotify account or listen to tunes loaded directly onto your Galaxy Watch 4G for greater freedom and more musical enjoyment.


How it works

You’ll need a compatible iPhone or Samsung smartphone on our EE network with either a pay monthly or SIM only plan.

The 4G watch needs to be added to the same EE account as the device you want to use it with, so please make sure you're the lead name on the account.

You’ll get unlimited data on your new 4G watch and you’re good to go.