The Samsung galaxy: smart ways to connect your world of tech

Discover how Samsung’s galaxy of smart technology seamlessly syncs together to make everyday tasks easy and fuss-free.

Six ways to manage your life with Bixby

Samsung has announced that their voice-controlled personal assistant will be on all their products by 2020. But why wait 'til then? Here's how Bixby can help you manage your life now. 

One UI – everything you need to know about the latest update

Discover how Samsung's new user interface, One UI, will transform the way you use your Galaxy smartphone. 

How to keep your new year’s resolutions with Samsung tech

From useful apps that help you get organised to health tracking right on your wrist, Samsung technology can help you stick to your new year’s resolutions in 2019.

Samsung Galaxy Note9: Five ways to unlock the power of the new S Pen

With Bluetooth connectivity, the Galaxy Note9’s handy S Pen opens up a world of new possibilities. Take photos remotely, control presentations with a click, and much more.

Four ways to spark your creativity with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 and Note9

Top tips on how to get creative with the Galaxy Note9 and Tab S4 – whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.

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