Car WiFi & 4GEE WiFi - On the Go Max Plan

Upfront Cost


On plans for £26 per month (24 months)

16GB of data

Package includes
  • Car WiFi from EE
  • 4GEE WiFi
  • IOTG Max Plan 24m £13
  • IOTG Max Plan 24m £13

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This bundle gets you both the Car WiFi and 4GEE WiFi devices together. The On the Go 4GEE Max plan offers 8GB per device, with EU roaming data included

Car WiFi from EE

  • Car WiFi plugs directly into your car’s dashboard
  • Simplified one piece design with brushed metal effect
  • Supports up to 10 WiFi devices at once (like tablets and laptops)
  • USB port charges your tablet or phone while using streaming 4G

IOTG Max Plan 24m £13

IOTG Max Plan 24m £13

EE has the biggest and fastest network in the UK

We were the first to launch 4G in the UK and we look after 27 million customers every day. We're enormously proud of our ever-growing 4GEE network. It's won major awards and it already covers half of the UK population.

Got a need for double speed?

Double speed 4G means 60 megabits per second - faster than most fibre broadband providers. On 3G, it might take you 20 minutes to download a film. On 4G, it takes just 10 minutes. And on double speed 4G, it takes five minutes.

With 4GEE, there's so much more to enjoy

4GEE is superfast and lets you do the things you love on your phone or tablet faster than ever. Find maps and directions, upload pictures to social media sites, stream your favourite TV programmes or download a film in as little as five minutes. Whatever you're doing online, It's smooth and simple with 4GEE.

For further info on Shared 4GEE Plans, please visit our Help section.

    Bundle benefits

  • Add more devices anytime

    Add up to four devices to your Shared 4GEE Plan: it could be a new phone or a tablet or even a 4GEE SIM for a device you already own.

  • More calls and texts, anytime

    With unlimited calls and texts for all of the phones on your Shared 4GEE Plan, keeping in touch is an absolute doddle.

  • 3G devices work fine too

    People won't need 4G phones to get on your shared plan. Old phones can't use the 4GEE network but they will work on our 3G network just fine.

  • Add more people anytime

    You don't have to set everybody up at the same time. You can add people as and when their previous contracts finish.

  • Get superfast 4GEE

    4GEE is superfast. It lets you do the things you love on your phone or your tablet faster than ever, wherever you go.