Nreal Air Augmented Reality Glasses

Nreal Air AR glasses:

Please ensure you have a handset that is compatible with Nreal Air Augmented Reality glasses. Nreal Air AR glasses compatible with selected devices from Sony, Samsung and Oppo, see Compatibility( for details. Compatibility subject to change with device software updates.

Nebula app must be downloaded to compatible device being used with Nreal Air AR glasses in order to use the Nreal Air AR glasses. Nreal account required. Nreal terms apply. Nebula app and Nreal Air AR glasses are for your personal, non-commercial use only. It’s your responsibility to ensure that content accessed by under 18s is suitable for those viewing it. Content via the Nebula app and Nreal Air AR glasses may change from time to time. Nreal Air AR glasses are not intended for under 16s and should not be used by under 16s.



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