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Upgrade today

Looking to upgrade? You’re in the right place for the best deals. First of all you’ll need to check your upgrade status:

  • if you’re already on an EE plan, you can do this by texting UP to 150
  • if you’re on an Orange or T-Mobile plan, you’ll need to log in to My Account to see whether you’re due an upgrade

Upgrade to iPhone 6 16GB now

  • no upfront cost for upgrading customers (usually £9.99)
  • £49.99/month on 4GEE Extra
  • unlimited calls, texts and 10GB data 

FREE DELIVERY only available when you order online.

EE: text UP to 150
Orange & T-Mobile: Log in to upgrade

Upgrade to iPhone 5s 16GB now

  • £9.99 upfront using voucher code: REWARD20 (usually £29.99)
  • £34.99/month on 4GEE Extra
  • 1000 mins, unlimited texts and 2GB data

FREE DELIVERY only available when you order online.

EE: text UP to 150
Orange & T-Mobile: Log in to upgrade

Why you should choose 4GEE

The UK's biggest 4G network

We have more than 80% of the UK population covered, and we already have the UK's biggest 3G network, covering 98% of the population.

Still the fastest

We have won or shared the highest ranking in the UK for fastest network as measured by RootMetrics®.

Award-winning reliability

Our network has had more RootMetrics® reliability wins than any other UK network.

And ready for the future

We’re always one step ahead. We were the first to introduce 4G to the UK, double speed 4GEE and now 4G+.

Enjoy all these great benefits with EE