Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G 46mm

4GB Silver

Capacity: 4GB

In stock

Now in stock. Usually dispatched within 1 day to you.

Colour: Silver

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G 46mm

4GB Silver

Capacity: 4GB

Colour: Silver

In stock

Now in stock. Usually dispatched within 1 day to you.

Don't forget!

You’ll need a compatible Samsung smartphone on our EE network with either a pay monthly or SIM only plan to connect your watch.

No phone? No problem.


With Samsung’s first-ever 4G smartwatch you’re always connected. With or without your phone.


Whether you pop your phone on charge and head out for a jog or accidentally leave it on the kitchen table before setting off to work, it doesn’t matter.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G  lets you listen to music*, send and receive texts, read and respond to instant messages and emails, and view your schedule and appointments for the week ahead. No phone? No problem.


*Pre-installation of Spotify app required.



The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G comes in two sizes and three colours to suit your wrist size and personal style. Choose from the 46mm in Silver and the 42mm in Rose Gold or Midnight Black. And you can wear your watch just how you like by customising the strap and watch face.


The Galaxy Watch is compatible with 22mm (46mm Galaxy Watch) and 20mm (42mm Galaxy Watch) bands, which are widely available and easy to attach*. Plus, choose from a range of pre-installed watch faces or browse the Galaxy Wearable app where you’ll find thousands more to choose from.


Feeling sporty? Go for a  chronograph watch face. Have an important business meeting to attend? Change the watch face to a more classic style and switch the strap for an elegant leather band.


*Straps are sold separately.

Watch your health and fitness


Whether you run for fun, improve stamina with a swim or workout at the gym, the Galaxy Watch 4G automatically and accurately tracks your progress and gives you all the important details.


All your progress seamlessly syncs to the Samsung Health app across your smartphone and Galaxy Watch, so you can easilycheck how you’re doing either mid-exercise or back at home, chilling on the sofa.


All your progress seamlessly syncs to the Samsung Health app across all your Samsung devices – so you can easily check how you’re doing either mid-exercise or back at home, chilling on the sofa.


A battery with stamina


Nobody has time to keep charging their watch – so the Galaxy Watch 4G lasts longer between charges.


The 46mm Galaxy Watch keeps going for up to 7 days, while the 42mm Galaxy Watch can go for 4 days before it needs a boost.*


That means less time plugged into the wall and more time tracking your health, playing your favourite music* and staying connected.


*7 day battery life available on Galaxy Watch 46mm only, based on light usage. 4 day battery life available on Galaxy Watch 42mm only, based on light usage. Pre-installation of Spotify app required.

Carry cash without a wallet


When you get to the till, you just want to pay for your goods and be on your way – as quickly as possible. No rummaging for loose change or looking for the right payment card.


With Samsung Pay on the Galaxy Watch 4G, you can pay for items simply by tapping your wrist against the shop’s card reader.*


It’s quick, simple and secure. Plus, you can visit the shops and pay for everyday goods like petrol and groceries without having to take your wallet, purse or phone with you.


*Pre-installation of SmartThings app required.

Handy around the home


Heat up your home before you walk through the front door, switch the lights on and off without moving from your comfy sofa, and boil the kettle from your bedroom.*


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G uses EE’s award-winning, fast and reliable network to connect to your SmartThings-enabled devices, so you can conveniently control your home – even when you’re not there.


Now that’s smart living.


*Pre-installation of SmartThings app required.

Freedom to move to the music

Music is a great motivator,especially when you’re working out.

The Galaxy Watch 4G lets you listen to your music without having to carry your phone, which can be a bit of a nuisance when you’re trying to beat your personal best, lift weights, or even do some shopping.

Play music from your premium Spotify account* or listen to tunes loaded directly onto your Galaxy Watch 4G for greater freedom and more musical enjoyment.

*Pre-installation of the Spotify app required.

Make every game a home game

We're bringing you the best live action with the BT Sport app - and letting you watch it on your TV as well as your phone.

Simply cast the game from your phone to your telly using Apple TV or Google Chromecast. Then you can enjoy some of the biggest footballing events, as well as BT Sport Fight Night Live boxing, MotoGP race days, cricket, American sports and lots more.

And best of all, you get the first three months of access to the app with casting free.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G 46mm Silver

Stay connected longer with the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm Silver on EE, the UK network with 4G in more places. Find out more and shop online today.


Size: 46mm
Weight: 63g


  • Charging case
  • Quick start guide
  • Large strap
  • small strap
  • USB cable


Audio & Entertainment


Internal memory
4.0  GB

Size & Width

13.0  mm
46.0  mm
63.0  g
49.0  mm
Screen size

Camera Video & Photo


Sensors & Locations



472.0  mAh
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